CNC Machining 6061 Aluminum Alloy Components



OEM Lathing CNC Machining 6061 Aluminum Alloy Components

Aluminum grade 6061 is majorly composed of aluminum, magnesium, and silicon, this combination of elements allows the alloy to be solution heat-treated which improves its strength. Alloy 61S also has good mechanical properties, which allows 6061 aluminum alloy components widely used in the construction of aircraft wings, fuselages, automotive parts, packaging of food and beverages, high-pressure gas storage cylinders, bicycle frames and components, fishing accessories, etc. And the lower hardness of 6061 aluminum alloy makes it can be machined more easily than 7075 and many other metals. is a reliable CNC machinery services of aluminum parts and products, supplying a vast range of 6061 alloy machined components, available in different geometries and specifications. Our aluminum lock parts are one of our selling offers, with short turnaround time and competitive prices. Further information about 6061 aluminum parameter and its comparison with 6063 and 7075 please check our guides.

Advantages of Our OEM Lathing CNC Machining 6061 Aluminum Alloy Components

– High-grade aluminum alloy provided by a long-term reliable supplier
– Fully equipped facilities and advanced equipment at Junying machine shop
– Different types and forms of metal and plastic materials for selection
– ISO9001:2015 quality certification and strict quality control system

Specifications of OEM Lathing CNC Machining 6061 Aluminum Alloy Components

MaterialAluminum 6061
Surface TreatmentCustom
Main ProcessCNC machining
Quality ControlStrictly Quality control in the whole process, from material to packing, Coordinate-measuring machine
UsageHardware parts
Customized DrawingsAuto CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS, and most other file formats are accepted


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