Copper Sheet Metal Materials

Copper 101

Copper 101, or oxygen-free copper is a highly pure form of metal (99.99% Cu). This high purity gives it exceptional conductivity, so it is often referred to as HC (high conductivity) copper. It is highly ductile and though it tends to work-harden, it does so at a slow rate. C101 can be annealed to make it easier to form. This high degree of conductivity and ductility make it ideal for electrical sheet metal applications like grounding strips, anodes, and circuit breakers.Copper 101 Properties

Tensile Strength, Yield (MPa)Fatigue Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break (%)Hardness (Brinell)Density (g/cm^3)

Copper C110

Copper 110, or ETP Copper (Electrolytic Tough Pitch), is another highly pure metal. However, at 99.90% Cu, it is not as pure as copper 101. It is also the most commercially available copper alloy and is used primarily in electrical and thermal transfer applications such as heat exchanger fins and electrical switches.Copper C110 Properties

Tensile Strength, Yield (MPa)Fatigue Strength (MPa)Elongation at Break (%)Hardness (Brinell)Density (g/cm^3)

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