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Our Precision Can Achieve 0.005-0.01mm

Highly Customer Focus

We are a CNC Machinery parts customize service manufacturer , All the material used was metal like aluminum, brass, stainless, steel, titanium alloy, zinc … We thinking beyond customer’s expectation , We are willing to grow with customer with high standard to meet customer’s certificate , standard and market laws and rules . 

Customer satisfaction and demand is the company’s driving force to continue improving and developing new technologies, products and services. Innovation, dedication and enthusiasm are the key features we offer to customers as our high-quality service.

Our Company

Dongguan Yicheng machinery processing Manufacturer was established in 2017 , We are professional to make “metal CNC machinery parts base on  material such as aluninumstainlesssteel、iron、copper、brass…with competition price at fast delivery and good quality.

 We have around 15 workers, our products mainly used for mechanical 、automobile、 electronic 、aviation、 medical device、semi conductor、aerospace and automotive industry . We mainly service for JP、DE、USA、UK 、Italy  and Pl.

We focus sustainability and environment protect , especially for water wasting recycle utilize , we didn’t use child to be worker , we honor human rights, We notice fire safety and working neatly.

Our Machines

Our Mission :  More Focus on carbon footprint and sustainability! .                                                                                                                    Our Vision : world piece and all people keep healthy and safety! 

Our Team

We believe in people to build a unit and strong team on a same boat to challenge  new technology and new skills, we focus each people’s development with keep growing with company together, we are honest to treat each customer whatever is big or small, we do whatever what others unwilling to do, we do whatever what others failed to do, we do whatever what others do but beyond expectation, we are eager to develop but no limit, we are open and respect every diversity, we also focus on environment and carbon footprint to bring us new mission.

Knowledge 、high technology, respect and diversity without borders, In the pursuit of excellence and innovation, we forge ahead without regret. whatever you are, whatever where are you from, welcome to experience together.

Tracking On Your Production Schedule



We install cloud online control system which can monitor the machine working situation and the output by each machine, once the machine have potential issue, it will rise up alarm , we can more better to manage production schedule to ensure on time delivery and grow our production output 30%.



                                                                                                             Customize Your CNC Machine Parts 3 Steps :

                                                                                                                                 1.Send Your CAD

                                                                                                                                 2.Approve On Prototype

                                                                                                                                 3.Wait For Production

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